Ok, here are the rules. Please read ALL of them before entering. Thank you!

| Themes | Entry Media Types | Attaining Prizes |
| Deadline & Etc. |

-There are 3 themes for this contest. Find out what they are
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.I will accept fanart of ANY anime
.I will accept fanart of almost any theme, mine or otherwise
.I will except original character fanart

-There is a limit of 4 drawings to submit per contest

-Your fanart does NOT have to be colored, I will accept the following

.hand drawn black and white
.hand drawn colored
.regularly colored
.computer colored, CG

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-Only US and Canadian residents can win the big, mailable prizes, sorry
.Unless you will pay for postage or win first prize

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-If there are not enough particapants I will either dissolve this contest or just give everyone who did enter a small prize

-The deadline is TBA in 2004!

.I may make a few exceptions of the deadline if there are not enough particapants or I'm running behind

-This is by no means a popularity contest *sweatdrops* This is in repsonse to an unnerving g-book entry I received. We are on the web/net peoples. No one knows anybody. There's no such thing as popularity. As far as I know anyways.

-I am allowed to take my sweet @$$ time getting new contests, entries, votings, and/OR winners up on my site. This too is a response to another unnerving g-book entry I recieved. I was cussed out because I was behind in getting the winners up during Finals week. I don't need this. My contest is for my enjoyment also.
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-I may change these rules at any time