Moonbug's EXTENDED Fanart Contest 12.5


Contest 12.5 in Progress!
Mmmkay... Long time no update, ne? Well it's the same with all my sites unfortunatly. This was my senior year of high school so all my energy went towards senior projects and activities. Sorry! But with all that nonsense put aside (YES, I graduated!) I can now update again! Yay!
I decided this site held the most responsibilty so I went to update this one first. Actually, I went to delete this one first... but at the last minute was revived and decided to have one last go at my contest, Sparkles.

So here's the deal. This is most likely my last fanart contest. Ever. So make this a good one! This contest will go on until I have at least 30 entrants.

>> New entries added.

>>Deadline is (again) TBA!

---> Prizes are as follows:
>> 1st place - 1 DVD or VHS, sticker sheet or poster, and keychain or stationary.
>> 2nd Place - Sticker sheet or poster, and stationary.
>> 3rd Place - Sticker sheet or stationary.

---> Themes:
>> "Manga/Comic" - Max. of 5 pages, To Be Continues are excepted
>> "Dark Fancies" - again, my fave things, fallen angels, vampires, pixies, etc.
>> "Naughty but Nice" - umm...just think kinky and let your imagination do the rest ^.~ (e-mail me first about explicit entries please, hah)
>> Do I have to follow the theme? No. Just don't expect to get 1st or 2nd place :

Take Care,