Main Websites:

Devas - 75% One of my stories made into an animation. The animation is still not fully complete, so though it is viewable it is still in progress. -Updates upon animation & render time

Only Ongaku - 65% New music site with songs, artist info, and concert clips for download! Feat. Gackt & Utada Hikaru -Updates whenever I have time

Project: Makalia - 75%(hiatus) My largest online project ever! A story, a manga, an interactive project aka my baby! ^.^v -always in progress

Sparkles - Moonbug's Fanart Contest - 100%(hiatus) Fanart Contest, real prizes... 1 year anniversary. -updated semi-often

Merchant Moonbug - 100% Anime CDs, OSTs, Korean/Japan Music CD trades and purchasing ($.50 a CD). Take a look! -no need for updates

Electronic Element - 75% A download free-for-all site. I've placed my favorite and more rare midis, wavs, mp3s, movies, etc. here for you all to download. -hardly ever updated ^.^;

Take a Stand! - Against Boredom - 100% This site(page) was created in one night... out of shear boredom. Hah. It's a site to give any otaku some time off from being bored and keep ya entertained. Enjoy! -updated on a boredly basis

Icicle Fae - Moonbug's Art Site - 75% Site with some of my artwork. -updates vary

Watashi wa Gaijin desu. - Moonbug's Trip to Japan! - 80% Only need to add 2 more pages and edit the journal. -updated until pages completed

Anime Shrines:

Saturn's Shrine of the Stars - 100% Pretty Soldier Sailorsaturn shrine. -complete

Moonbug & Zoamel's Anime Realm 2 - 65% Find funny-fics, anime reviews, unique games, 'goodies of the moment', anime kitchen, etc. -Never to be updated again

Cliques: - 100% My clique. Tell your visitors who you think is too cute for you! ^.~ Simple as that! -complete

Dead Sites that never made it to

Moon Over the Horizon - 80% I co-run this site with a friend of mine, Dragon. Website reviews. -on hold

S.O.S :: Save Our Starlights - 75% Against another crappy dubbing of BSSM for Stars and has some VERY interestng and more stronger issues of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. -long term hiatus

Cresent Kiss - 90% Nick-nacks, fanart, fanfics, unique dialogs, etc. -long term hiatus

Senshi of Imagination - 85% My otaku senshi site. Along with various other goodies & 'fics including my anime death matches and Love Connections. -MAJOR hiatus

dreams of a moonbug - --% Old story of mine here. -complete

Moonbug's Merry Melodies - 65% Sounds and musics. Come only for the downloads, the rest is crap. -Reformed into Electronic Element(see above)

Encounters With Love and Wind - 85% Sailorvenus & Sailoruranus shrine made together with an old friend. -lost contact with co-webmistress