Date: 11.10.07

This is a story I wrote about 2 years ago. It is a classic Fairy Tale. In other words, a dark tale of mystical horror (Grimm's Fairy Tales) and not a Disney movie. I have shortened my original story EXTREMELY in order to be able to animate it in some sort of decent amount of time while still having decent animation.
My hope is to be able to complete this by September 2007. I'm probably insane for trying, but better to try and fail then to have never of tried.

Take Care,
Andrea Moonbug Jacobson

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Devas Pre-Production

Devas Turnarounds
Devas Title Cover

Devas Final Animation (for now)

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Devas Colored Backgrounds

Tower Int. Devas Bed BG
Tower Int. Devas Bed Edge BG
Tower Int. Window BG
Dance BG