Live Performances

Fanime Con 2004

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Nami Tamaki
[] - Nami Tamaki was just adorable in concert! Her music was powerful and energetic, but the best part was during her breaks. She attempted to speak English explaining how "ha-pi" she was to be here and how she starts high school this year. Oh, and that her birthday was in June and she was turning 16. Sooo cute!
[Live Performance Clip]

[] - Camino was deffinatly a pleasantly surprising performance. I knew absolutely zilch about them before hand, but was their instant fan afterwards! Before the concert I rode in the elevator with their guitarist and he invited me to their concert (he's SO nice!). Of course I would have gone anyways! There performance was constant energetic fun and they got the crowd up, out of their seats. My favorite was their vocal/front man Jun. Unfortunatly, he left Camino this summer to pursue a solo career. *tears*
[Live Performance Clip]

Duel Jewel 01
[] - This was actually my second time seeing Duel Jewel in concert, thanks to AnimeExpo'03. You can really tell they love performing. They get the crowd to do anything! The poor Fanime staff had to become a human rope to hold back the crowd because Duel Jewel kept urging us to come up to the stage. It reminded me again why I like Visual Kei.
[Live Performance Clip]

Duel Jewel 02
[] - Yay! Two clips from DuelJewel! Why? Well...why not? I took this picture as these two were getting on the elevator. They were kind enough to let me snap the photo even as they missed their elevator. Hah... whoops!
[Live Performance Clip]

[] - Poor BLOOD... they had nothing but bad luck. Their intruments had technical difficulties most of the time, so they had to suffice to "air guitar" some of it. They made up for it by tossing the crowd some Jolly Ranchers though, hah! Oh, yea... and Kiwamu, the guitarist, ran off into the crowd and... fell on me and some other people. Meep!
[Live Performance Clip]