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Optical, Lizz-chan's clique.

My Friends Sites

Yousei-Ziploc.Com, Yousei-chan's site.
Bite Marks, Neme-chan's site.
Sailor Orion's Refuge, Shinzui-san's site.

Moonbug Recommended Sites Off the Top of Her Head

Aku-Tenshi - Manga Scanlations; D.N.Angel, Whistle!, Thief & Detective, etc.
Omanga - Manga Scanlations; W-Juliet, Angel Sanctuary, etc.
Mission Tranc3 - Online Manga; Yaoi, Bishounen, Sterf ^.~
Your Wings Are Mine - Online Manga; Shounen-Ai, Bishounen
Arcana - Online Manga; Ahounen-Ai, Bishounen, Vampires, Everything Moonbug lurves! :3
Iridescent Dreams - Inu-Yasha stuph galore! But the best part? Ookami's fanfic Turnabout is Fair Play. It is unbelievably awesome, my all-time fave fic with 60+ chapters and counting! - Lunar Nicklo's site with her awesome art, comics, and... STUFF!

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